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Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program – SIPP

The Vines Hospital’s SIPP (Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program) is an inpatient psychiatric program designed to treat the emotional and behavioral problems of female adolescents ages 13-17. The program in housed in a 98-bed hospital with distinct clinical units. Therapy rooms, education rooms, craft areas, and a gymnasium are some of the facilities utilized during the course of treatment.


SIPP…Hope for Your Teen


Prior to admission, all potential patients are screened by a psychiatrist and a multidisciplinary team to determine the appropriateness of the inpatient treatment. Upon admission to the unit, all patients are given an extensive diagnostic evaluation that includes psychiatric, physical, psychological, educational, expressive and recreational assessments. Specialized evaluations such as speech and hearing, neurological studies, or drug screenings are administered if indicated. Therapies include individual sessions, family sessions, medication management, group psychotherapy and psycho-educational groups fostering life skills such as leisure skill building, substance abuse education, and anger management/ coping skills. The length of stay is individualized and will vary depending on the problems and needs of the patients.

The SIPP program is family oriented and adolescent focused. Parents/ guardians are expected to actively participate in their child’s treatment. A parent education session, psychosocial history and weekly therapy are some examples of parent involvement.

Length of Stay


The average length of stay for the program averages three to six months. The Multidisciplinary Treatment Team meets with all clients to determine an individual length of stay. The treatment team includes a Psychiatrist, a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Therapist, Adjunctive Therapist, Teacher and Behavioral Analyst.

Admission Criteria


Patients must meet the federal Institute of Mental Disease exclusion and have a diagnosis that can be reasonably expected to improve with the program’s services. Additionally, the patient must be in good physical health receiving clearance from a medical professional certifying that the patient has no acute or chronic problems requiring continued or specialty medical treatment. Patients will be enrolled in a Prepaid Mental Health Plan, a Medicaid Managed Care Organization, or Provider Service Network. Included in the discharge planning, the parent/guardian will be given instruction and assistance in re-enrolling in MediPass or another Medicaid product and being reassigned to their previous primary care providers.

A reasonable course of acute inpatient treatment and/or intense services has failed to bring about adequate resolution of significant symptoms to permit placement in a less restrictive setting in the community.

The service can reasonably be expected to improve the youth’s condition within a time frame of 3 to 6 months or prevent further regression so that the services will no longer be needed.

The adolescent has a primary DSM IV diagnosis, excluding a primary diagnosis of substance abuse, mental retardation, or autism.

The adolescent has a serious impairment of functioning, compared to others of the same age, in one or more major life areas.

Due to the severity of symptoms, ambulatory care resources available in the community do not meet the treatment needs of the child.

The adolescent is mentally competent, defined as having age appropriate cognitive ability to benefit from psychiatric treatment services, and is cognitively stable enough to benefit from this non-acute level of treatment.

The child must be in good physical health.


SIPP Purpose Statement


SIPP provides a range of long-term psychiatric and substance abuse treatment services reflective of the needs of our community, our referral sources, our professional staff, and most importantly our patients. The Vines Hospital’s program provides a safe and therapeutic environment for the patients we serve, and ensures that the right and human dignity of the patients under our care are protected to the fullest extent.

The Vines Hospital will ensure that no person is discriminated against based on age, color, race, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or on the basis of disability in admission to, participation in or receipt of the services of any of our programs and activities.

SIPP facilities may fall under IMD Exclusion.

Please refer to: Social Security Act, Sec 1905, 42 U.S.C. 1396d

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