Adult Psychiatric Services

Adult Psychiatric Services provide crisis intervention and stabilization through a variety of treatment activities. Treatment occurs through:

  • individual meetings with a psychiatrist and a counselor
  • group counseling sessions led by a licensed therapist
  • family counseling arranged by the patient’s case manager

Each patient has a treatment team that develops, in consultation with the patient, a plan of care. The plan of care outlines the treatment goals and activities based on the identified needs of the individual patient.

Psychiatric Treatment activities may include:

  • illness education: teaching the patient and family the causes, symptoms, and treatments of the diagnosed illness.
  • anger management
  • communication skills
  • coping skills
  • setting and attaining goals

Discharge Planning

At the time of discharge, the patient receives a discharge plan detailing instructions for medications and outpatient follow-up services. Patient and family involvement is critical in developing an appropriate discharge plan that will provide continued support for wellness.

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